Is Biden “not being read in”, forgetting or just plain lying?

Either way, it raises questions about who is running the country.

Have you noticed the pattern that’s appearing … in public view?

Afghan Withdrawal

Biden stated that nobody recommended (i.e. he wasn’t “read in”) that Bagram be kept open to facilitate a smooth withdrawal of U.S. and coalition troops, diplomats and Afghan allies (e.g the translators).

Specifically, he said that none of those people would be left behind.

General Milley, et. al., testified under oath that they told him more time and troops would be required to effect a smooth withdrawal and slow the Talban takeover of Kabul.

The State Dept later reluctantly reported that about 10% of the vulnerable had been left behind … and a statistically significant number of them are still there.

Not read in, forgetting or lying?


The Australian Submarine Deal

Proudly, the State Dept. announced a deal with with Australia to build nuclear submarines to patrol Asian waters.

The French withdrew their ambassador in protest since the new deal, in effect, nullified a multi-billion dollar deal that was in place for the French to build similar subs.

At the recent  G20 Climate Control meeting, Biden publicly apologized to French President Macron, saying the U.S. was sorry, but don’t blame him because he (Biden) “hadn’t been read in” to the program.

Not read in, forgetting or lying?


The $450,000 Lotto

When Biden was at the G20 Climate Control meeting, the WSJ broke a story of a Biden Administration plan to issue pay-outs of $450,000 (per person) to illegal border crossers who have suffered emotional pain and suffering when being resettled in the U.S.

During a rare Q&A with reporters this week, Biden was challenged about the program.

He said that the reports were “garbage” … and those payments “wouldn’t happen”.

The next day, his designated press spokesperson walked back those comments. indicating that Biden is “comfortable” with the program and the the Departments of State and Justice are in the process of hammering out the details and exact amounts.

Not read in, forgetting or lying?


I think there have now been enough of these high level incidents to warrant worry…

Either Biden isn’t being “read in” on important matters and somebody else is really running the the show.

Which raises the obvious question: who?

Or, Biden is being “read in” and but forgets.

That raises questions about his cognition and competence.

Or, Biden is flat out lying.

Which goes to the question or integrity.

Pick your poison. folks.

Which ever it is, it isn’t a pretty story.

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