Biden’s “big lie” re: domestic oil production …

… and, what he can do to prove that he’s not lying through his dentures.

Last week, Biden defiantly read from his teleprompter:

“It’s simply not true that my administration or my policies are holding back domestic energy production.”

Oh, really?

Apparently, Biden’s handlers and his teleprompter scribes aren’t aware of the technology known as video recording.

Here — from Biden’s own lips — is his pledge to contain (and ultimately kill) the U.S. oil & gas industry:

click to view (18 seconds)

Biden’s pledge:

To ensure “no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period. End.”



So, how can Biden prove that he’s not lying when he says that he’s not handcuffing domestic oil production?


According to Bloomberg:

Senate Energy Chairman Joe Manchin called on the Biden administration to use the Defense Production Act  to rush completion of a stalled pipeline through his state to help Europe replace Russian natural gas supplies.

The pipeline is more than 90% complete but has been challenged by environmentalists, and a federal court in January rejected its permit to cross a national forest.

Manchin said the 303-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline, which crosses his home state of West Virginia into Virginia, could transport two billion cubic feet a day and be up and running in four to six months.

The Defense Production Act would be justified to expedite it so the gas can be quickly converted to liquid form and shipped to Europe.

Manchin also has urged the administration to repeal his inauguration day executive orders that imposed constraining regulations on the oil and gas industry.


Bottom line: If you’re really pro-domestic energy production, Joe, repeal your energy-throttling EO’s and use the Defense Production Action Act to “make” the  evil-minded, supply-withholding, profit-motivated oil companies start cranking out more oil & gas ASAP.

Or, just admit that you’re lying like a rug…


P.S. The WSJ suggests that this question be posed to Biden the next time that his handlers allow him to unplug his teleprompter:

Mr. President, will you do everything in your regulatory power to make it easier for American companies to produce more oil and gas to make the U.S. and its allies in Europe and elsewhere less dependent on Russian energy?

Don’t hold your breath for the question or a truthful answer…


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