Dilbert asks: "Who wants a bully in the White House?"

Is it really better to have a groveler-in-chief dealing with our adversaries?

Over the weekend, Bill Maher made news by asking a simple question:


Maher’s question reminded me of the above headlined post from the  HomaFiles archives, circa 2016 …


During the 2016 Presidential campaign, cartoonist Scott Adams hit the nail on the head on his Dilbert blog

Adams observed that, during the campaign, Hillary’s constant refrain was that we can’t have a loose cannon bully in the White House.

Of course, Dems and their media friends kept that notion front-burnered during the campaign.



Adams cut to the chase on on “Dangerous Trump”:

In his post, Adams observes:

Trump’s opponents have started making the case that he is “a loose cannon” … a “dangerous bully”

You know who likes dangerous bullies?

Answer: Everyone.

Seal Team Six is dangerous. George Washington was dangerous. Abraham Lincoln was dangerous.

Women like dangerous men.

Wimpy men want to be dangerous men.

“Dangerous” borders on being a compliment.

When you need to thwart some enemies – such as a useless Congress, or ISIS – you want to send in your most dangerous fighter.

The bottom line::

“Every other country with nukes has a wacko with his finger on the button. 

Why shouldn’t the U.S. — just to keep things even”.


Yep, Trump was a bully and his tweets were annoying.

But, isn’t that preferable to having a creepy, cognitively-eroding, sheltered-in-place, teleprompter-reading appeaser who seems determined to Make America Weak Again?

Quoting Maher: “It’s worth thinking about” … as Putin escalates the war … attacking nuclear power plants, bombing maternity hospitals, landing missiles close to the Polish border and assassinating journalists



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