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A picture is worth a thousand words…

October 6, 2022

During his trip to Florida, Biden yielded the Presidential podium DeSantis…


If only…

Are Dems hoping that Ian will be DeSantis’ Katrina?

September 30, 2022

You bet they are … but, so far, DeSantis is rising to the occasion.

Hurricane Ian has been devastating … and the recovery will be a Herculean, multiyear challenge.

That said, I’ve been impressed with the planning and preparations that Florida had put in place (e.g. reportedly 30,000 electrical linemen from 31 states).

So far, Gov. DeSantis has demonstrated strong leadership … his press conferences have been informative and appropriately tempered between “this is catastrophic” and “keep the faith”.

Since the initial recovery actions appear to be on track, Biden, of course, has been awakened to grab a share the spotlight.

But, Joe will be Joe.

For the couple of days before the hurricane hit, Biden wasn’t taking calls from Florida area codes.

When the press started asking why, he connected with DeSantis and signed some EOs to release some recovery money from the Federal coffers.

Then came Biden’s performance at FEMA…

After reading well-scripted remarks from his trusty teleprompter, Biden just couldn’t help himself and started lashing out at oil companies and gas station owners … laying the groundwork for pinning any gas price hikes between now and the election on them.

When asked about his relationship with DeSantis, Biden just called the question irrelevant.

And in a recurring Biden senior moment, he closed by wandering off the stage in the wrong direction.

Note in minute-clip below how the FEMA Administrator tried to shepherd him … but he scampered out of her reach.

And, note how the FEMA Administrator and DHS Director Alejandro Mayorkas chuckle (behind the wanderer’s back)

click to viewimage

Please, Lord, make it Biden versus DeSantis in 2024.

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