WaPo: Proof of collusion with the Russians!

But, it was the Clinton campaign and DNC … not Trumpsters.


In case your eyes were glued to the World Series (which the Dodgers won 3 to 1) …

Last night, the Washington Post – hardly a  right-wing conspirator – published an exclusive report (that has now been verified by several news sources) that provides evidence tying the Clinton campaign and the DNC to Russians.


Here’s the story in a nutshell …


There’s a sleazy group called Fusion GPS.

Among their specialties is digging up dirt on political candidates.

It appears that they are pure mercenaries who work for both Dems and Republicans.

Fusion GPS hired  Christopher Steele, “a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community” to poke around among his Russian sources to dig some dirt on Trump.

Initially, the client was a yet-to-be-named Republican who wanted to knock Trump out of the primaries.

The Republican client backed off, but the GPS-Steele operation continued … funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Reminder: that’s the investigation and reporting of the Washington Post !

Said differently, the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid GPS to mine Russian sources (think: “collusion”) for dirt on Trump.

Steele wrote a report that was eventually channeled to Team Obama which used it as the basis for initiating FBI-NSA surveillance on Trump and his campaign folks.

The Steele report has been subsequently discredited … but, it was the flapping butterfly wing that was the first cause of the Trump-collusion hurricane.

Bottom line: Yep, there was collusion with the Russians to impact the U.S. presidential campaign.

But, it was Team Clinton (with a power-boost from Team Obama) … not Team Trump.

This is going to get very interesting …


P.S. I tuned into Rachel M. to see if she was leading with the story last night.

Short answer: Rachel either missed the WaPo report or dismissed as inconsequential (i.e. doesn’t fit her narrative).




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One Response to “WaPo: Proof of collusion with the Russians!”

  1. John H Carpenter Says:

    Steele/Fusion GPS are Russians? Or are they former spooks that have access to Russian info…like me. And while interesting it does not excuse any subsequent direct collaboration with the Russian government by the Republicans or any current president.

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