One chart debunks the “Putin Price Hike” malarkey…

Biden is still refusing blame and stiff-arming meaningful corrective actions.

Yesterday, Biden was in Iowa touting his many accomplishments (huh?) and channeling Bart Simpson to explain inflation. Transcript

  • It’s not my fault … blame Putin
  • I’m doing everything I can to stop it
  • Adding more corn mash to gasoline
  • I’m not joking …

Regarding the “Putin Price Hike”, apparently Biden’s team of crack economic advisers havn’t shown him this chart:


In the run-up to Joe’s inauguration (i.e. during Trump’s reign), year-over-year inflation was running at or below 1.5%

On inauguration day (January 20, 2021), Biden signed an Executive Order stopping construction of the Keystone XL pipeline … and, in effect, declaring war on the U.S. oil & gas industry.

On March 11, 2021, Biden signed the Democrats-only $1.9 trillion spending bill.

Between inauguration day and unleashing the $1.9 trillion. the inflation rate more than doubled … from 1.5% to 3.5%.

As Joe would say: ”No joke .. I’m not kidding”.

From the passage of the $1.9 trillion until Putin invaded Ukraine (February 24, 2022), the inflation rate more than doubled again … from 3.5% to 8%.

That means that from inauguration day until Putin’s invasion, the inflation rate increased more than 5-fold … from 1.5% to 8%.

Since Putin’s invasion, the inflation rate increased from 8% to 8.5% … that .5 percentage point translates to about a 6% increase in the inflation rate.

Bottom line: Doing some simple math (i.e. not complicating things with compounding and carryover effects), of the 7% increase in the inflation rate since inauguration day (1.5% to 8.5%), Biden gets over 90% of the blame and Putin gets less than 10%.


Not even the birds that were flying around in the barn where Biden gave his speech bought into his malarkey.

As he was reading from the teleprompter — in a perfect metaphor — a bird literally called BS on him (where the B stands for “bird”, not “bull”).

click to view the video clip

Some critics have opined that Biden’s presidency is “for the birds” .

Apparently, birds take offense at that notion.

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