Biden: “Never said sanctions would be a deterrence”

But, his advisers and spokespeople say they do … and he did

In his NATO press conference, Biden was asked by a CBS reporter:

Sir, deterrence didn’t work.

What makes you think Vladimir Putin will alter course based on the action (on sanctions) that you’ve taken today?

Biden got huffy and went off the teleprompter script:

That’s not what I said.

You’re playing a game with me.

Let’s get something straight.

I did not say that sanctions would deter him.

Sanctions never deter.

You keep talking about that.

Sanctions never deter.

Just a minute there, Mr. President.

Let’s go to the video tape…

click for a 30 second mash-up

> VP Kamala: “The purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence.”

> Press messenger Psaki: “Sanctions can be a powerful tool. The overall goal of imposing sanctions on Russia is to have a deterrent effect.”

> Deputy national security adviser Daleep Singh: “Sanctions serve a higher purpose. They’re meant to prevent and deter a large-scale invasion of Ukraine that could involve the seizure of major cities, including Kyiv. They’re meant to prevent large-scale human suffering that could involve tens of thousands of casualties in a conflict.”

> Pentagon press secretary John Kirby: ”Clearly, we want them (the sanctions)  to have a deterrent effect.”

National security adviser,Jake Sullivan:The president believes that sanctions are intended to deter.”


Maybe Biden’s key advisers are all going rogue … or they heard him wrong.

Or, maybe Joe’s  is just spewing malarkey again

So who and what are you going to believe — Biden … or his entourage of advisers … or your own eyes?


P.S. Seriously, somebody should alert Biden to the modern day miracle of video recording…

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