Biden: Staying the course after a successful first year … say, what?

One chart continues to say it all…

In case you missed it, Biden’ SOTU wasn’t a “reset” … it was a serving of refried beans.

  • Rooting for the Ukrainians … from the sidelines
  • Reaffirmed the sagacity of diplomatically “leading from behind” … despite the brutal outcomes
  • Determined to kill oil & gas … unless it’s produced in Russia and fuels Putin’s atrocities
  • Asserted that inflation is caused by greedy companies … certainly not out-of-control spending and constraints on energy production
  • Still wants to throw more money at more things.

In other words: same old, same old.


Raises an obvious question:

Is Biden unaware that the dogs aren’t eating the dog food?

Current RCP poll-of-polls says that less than 30% of the country thinks that Joe is taking the country in the right direction.


Time for a “reset”?

No way, it’s time to stay the course…



P.S. Did you notice?

> Biden’s didn’t showcase his chief political scientist, Anthony Fauci at his SOTU speech.

> In a passionate call to support Ukraine, mistakenly referred to Ukrainians as “Iranians.”

For the record, I thought that he said “Uraniums”.

Supporters are claiming that the gaffe is attributable to his childhood stutter. Axios


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