Biden: “Next week, you can order more free Covid test kits”

During his SOTU address, Biden made another game-changing announcement:

Starting next week, we can all order another set of “free” Covid tests at


You may remember my whining that the ones I ordered — when Omicron was raging — took several weeks to arrive … after Omicron peaked and stated to ebb.

A friend of mine ordered on the first day (Jan. 18) and received her’s on Monday … just as she was following CDC guidance and ditching her mask.

Omicron is pretty much in the history books, so why is Biden offering free tests now?

It’s not because a new variant has been ID’ed that might spread wildly.

If there were such a variant, the CDC wouldn’t have “guided” us to ditch our masks, right?

So, what’s up?


The original Biden offering was 500 million test kits.

Turns out that take-up has been low.

To date, folks have only ordered about 1/2 of the 500 million tests.

So basically, Biden is running a clearance sale to get rid of the inventory he’s holding for a product that he’s giving away for free.

Reminds me of the Mr. Pillow guy…


P.S. Have you tried to get reimbursed for a store bought test kit?

Joe promised that insurance companies would reimburse for them.

I’ve got Medicare, a Supplement and an Rx plan.

So far, all 3 are claiming that it’s the other guy’s responsibility.

Apparently they didn’t get Joe’s memo.

I’ll keep you posted…

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