West Virginia: Rebounding … and considering a name change.

According to the WSJ:

No state suffered more from the Obama regulatory assault than West Virginia as coal production and business investment plunged.

West Virginia’s revival started in early 2017 as coal and natural-gas production picked up.

Exports and the Trump Administration’s deregulation have lifted the industry.

Employment is up, wages are up … dependence on government programs is (e.g. food stamps, Medicaid) is down substantially,


Now that West Virginia is back on it’s feet, there’s talk of a grassroots campaign for the state changing it’s name…


Reportedly, some West Virginia residents fear ‘guilt-by-association’ with the politically free-falling Commonwealth of Virginia … and worry that people will think that West Virginia and Virginia are first cousins.

The leading re-naming candidate: EAST KENTUCKY.


Credit to FBN’s Dagen McDowell for  the first  “reporting” on the name change.

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