Why Trump should feel ok about the border deal…

In technical terms. a binary switch got flipped.

Pro-wall extremists are fretting that Trump got hosed since he only got $1.375 billion towards the border wall/

Not to worry, folks.


The deal reminded me of an old story that provides some perspective…


There’s an old joke that – in various renditions — featured W.C. Fields or Groucho Marx or Winston Churchill or others as “a famous man”:

A famous man at a charity banquet asks the beautiful young woman next to him:

“Assuming that we gave the money to charity, would you sleep with me for ten thousand dollars?”

After some thought she says, “Yes.”

“And would you for two dollars?”

“Why, what do you think I am!”

“We’ve already determined that. Now we’re just haggling about price.”

For the past couple of months Pelosi has sanctimoniously declared that a wall is immoral … so, not a single dollar for the building of a wall.

See the parallel?

Trump has effectively taken Pelosi off the high ground of morality.

Now, they’re just haggling about price.

In technical terms, that’s called flipping a binary switch.

Pelosi went from pure as the fresh driven snow to a run of the mill haggler … and, there’s no turning back from that position.

That’s a big win for Trump.


P.S. If that doesn’t relax pro-wallers, consider this: I’ve heard several pundits say that the government’s wall-building capacity is only about 55 miles of wall per year.  If that’s true then the $1.375 is essentially full-steam-ahead.


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