Why the Senate won’t rescind Trump’s emergency declaration….

Yesterday, we argued the case for Trump prevailing legally.

Again today, let’s set aside aside the question of “should he do it?” … and focus on “can he do it?”.

Specifically, will Trump survive a Congressional move to Undeclare his national emergency?


OK, Pelosi is going to push through a resolution to “undeclare: Trump’s national emergency.

Dems will vote in lockstep, and the bill will will be passed over to the Senate.

Dems are ecstatic that a handful of GOP Senators are hinting may jump party lines and that enough my vote aye on the undeclaration.

Not so fast, grasshoppers.

There are a couple of reasons why I don’t expect the Senate to pass the Undeclaration Resolution…


First, Trump has low absolute approval numbers … but, his relative numbers okay … almost double those of Congress (see chart above).

Senators and Congressmen say that they “want to take back their Constitutional powers.”

Why now, after all these years?

Many (most?) people think that Congress is stacked with ineffective blowhard politicos … who themselves abuse power

Bottom line Congress has punted the immigration issues for over 3 decades … demonstrating a remarkable lack of initiative and will.

They didn’t fix the problem … so undermining somebody who’s trying to fix it is only likely to resonate with steadfast Trump-haters.


GOP senators are in sticky political position.

And, the political position will get stickier when Trump tweets to reframe the vote.

One short  tweet and a ‘no’ vote will be a vote against border security (or better yet, for open borders) and, against stemming the flow of opioids and MS-13 cut-throats coming across the border.

What GOP senator wants to go on record supporting open borders, opioids and killer gangs?

And, if that’s not enough, a GOP ‘no’ vote would be quickly rendered inoperative when Trump wields his veto pen.

So, what GOP Senator wants to go on record supporting open borders, opioids and killer gangs … when, in the end.  there’s nothing to show for it?

I’m betting that Congress approves Pelosi’s undeclaration … and, that it dies in the Senate.

We’ll see…


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