Is Mickey positioned to walk all over Netflix?

Is the “disrupter” now going to get disrupted?


Interesting opinion piece by investor Stephen McBride in Forbes and channeled through the Daily Wire

With 150 million subscribers, Netflix is the undisputed king of streaming … at least for now.

Netflix understands that content is the name of the game … and has invested more than $12 billion in orignal content … and gets high marks from viewers for having the best original content.


But Netflix has largely financed the new content development with debt … now owing creditors more than  $10 billion … and faces a formidable threat from cash-rich Amazon and recently announced streaming services from  Disney…


Disney+ will launch later this year for $6.99 per month … about half the price that Netflix charges.

More important than the price difference, Disney is expected to pull its content from Netflix (ouch) … and populate the site with its vault of invaluable properties: think Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, ESPN Sports.

The library that Netflix has to develop, Disney already has in hand.

And, Disney is the king of blockbusters, including Avengers Infinity War, Black Panther , Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Incredibles, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Head-to-head, is well positioned to win a content war is folks limit themselves to only one streamer.

Some good news for Netflix: According to a recent survey the average American household already subscribes to 3.4 services — so, they may just add Disney+ to their portfolio … of sub it for something other than Netflix.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one shakes out.


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