Shocker: Number of robocalls annoyingly high (and still increasing)…

Which calls annoy you the most? “Sally from cardholder services”, “Selected for a free vacation”, “Detected a virus on your computer”, “Clean your air ducts” … or, something else.

Hard not to notice that the “do not call list” is an emasculated relic.

According to YouMail – a company that tracks robocall activity – Americans are now getting almost 3.5 billion (with a “b”) robocalls each month … “equaling roughly 10.4 calls per person affected”.


Why the surging numbers?


I narrow the proliferation of robocalls to 2 fundamental causes:

(1) The practice is so widespread that it’s nearly impossible for the Feds to stop it … especially since many (most?) are now originating offshore. The DNC list worked – somewhat, for awhile – because voluntary compliance was pretty good … so there were relatively few perps who could be ID’ed and nailed with big fines.

(2) Homa’s “Rule of Non-recurring Idiocy” … translation: it works! Sure, the hit rates are low but they’re not zero. The costs of making an automated call are so low and the return is so high when a fish is caught, that the economics are sufficiently good for the practice to proliferate.

Bottom line: Don’t expect the flood of nuisance calls to subside anytime soon.

And, don’t expect government regulation and enforcement to cause a cease & desist.

So, what to do about it?

Next up: A simple action to ease the pain …

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