With Mexican agreement Trump gets the last laugh … again.

Pelosi spews silly-talk; GOP Senators outted as border-indifferent.


OK, Trumps threatens Mexico with tariffs unless they help with the border crisis.

Think “wallets” and you’ve variant of a Teddy Roosevelt negotiating principle: “If you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”


Mainsteam media made fun and lambasted (“won’t work”)  Dems cried foul (”abuse of power”); some GOP Senators jumped ship (opting to side with corporate donors).

But, within a week, an agreement is reached with Mexico agreeing to militarize its southern border and hold asylum seekers in Mexico.

Not a bad week, right?

But, there were some losers…


Let’s start with Speaker Pelosi.

Her reaction to the deal:

“President Trump must stop sabotaging good-faith, constructive, and bipartisan efforts in Congress to address this complex problem in a humane manner that honors and respects our most cherished national values.” Source

Say, what?

“Good-faith” – “bipartisan” – “constructive”

Not exactly the 3 words that spring to my mind when thinking about Congressional action to fix the border & immigration mess.

Maybe, this deal will goad Congress to act … but, I’ll be betting the under.


Then, there are the GOP Senators who threatened to introduce legislation to halt Trump’s tariffs if they were enacted.

Say, what?

Talk about a premature, unforced error.

I understand that they are beholden to corporate donors who thrive on the flow of cheap labor, but still …

Did anybody really think the tariffs would go into effect? 

I sure didn’t … and after a few days of clarified thinking, the stock market shrugged them off.

So, the GOP Senators’ grandstanding simply outted them as corporate shills – just as liberals portray them … and, when the rubber hits the road, ambivalent to the border mess and unwilling to act.

That will come back to haunt some of them in 3030. 


If only

Gee, if only Trump had gotten the Mexican government (or their cartel cronies) to ante $5.6 billion into the pot for the border wall.

Now, that would have been sweet!


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