What I learned at the beach…

Easing back into the “real” world with a couple of takeaways from beach week…

1) While a dying breed, there are still families.  It’s fun being with your’s … and fun watching other families have fun … especially multi-generational families (<= grandparent bias).

2) Kids grow up quickly.

It’s often said, and always true that children grow up quickly.

We’re blessed with 5 wonderful grandkids.  All with different personalities.  It’s fun watching them connect and grow up as friends.

To illustrate, here are 3 of the cousins at the beach this year:

As counseled by friends, grandparents’ roles and interactions change as the kids (and grandparents) get older.  That’s both a blessing and a curse.

We love seeing them mature, but sometimes, we’d like to stop the clock and keep them small and cuddly … and, wish that we could keep up with them physically.

Tick, tick, tick,

3) I can live without TV, generally, and cable news specifically

A former student really cut the cord at his house. His family watches virtually no TV.  He remarked to me how much more serene things were for his family.

True enough.

Turning off the uncivil partisan bickering had an immediate calming effect.

Try it for a week.


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One Response to “What I learned at the beach…”

  1. Da Cuz Says:

    Ken- if that was you in the maroon t-shirt in the chair I have 3 comments
    1) the pix are great
    2) this is the most relaxed I have ever seen you
    3) the older you get the more you look like me- you poor guy. It’s the curse of the Eastern Euto Genes.
    Da Cuz

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