Which will show up: Sleepy Joe or Mean Joe?

Anybody remember his debate against Paul Ryan?


Most (all?) pundits seem to agree that Kamala Harris got the best of Joe Biden in the first debate … by getting in his face on busing and, in doing so, hit him with a veiled accusation of racism.

Biden’s response was weak …  truncated by his throwing in the towel with “I see that my time is up.”


On the campaign trail, Biden has been telling supporters (and fat cat donors) that he’s going to up his game in the second debates.:


His chest-pounding is eliciting a lot of “yeah, right” reactions….


For example, the Washington Examiner ran a piece arguing that:


In the 2012 GOP primary campaign, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty — accused of being boring – boasted that he was going to “take it to Romney” in the next debate.

When the ehistle blew, Pawlenty wilted on stage and, for all practical purposes, his campaign was dead.

Will Biden face the same fate?

I’m not so sure.

During the 2012 Vice Presidential debates, the big money was on Paul Ryan to outsmart Sleepy Joe with deep facts and impeccable logic.

That didn’t happen.

Biden threw Ryan completely off pace.

He interrupted Ryan, rolled his eyes, made faces even even laughed at what Ryan was saying.

Remind you of anybody?

Hint: His initials are DJT.

Here’s a clip sampling what I mean.

click to view

So, the dramatic question for the debate:

Which Biden will show up: The Trump-like Mean Joe … or, the Mueller-like Sleepy Joe?

Should be an entertaining debate.


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