Flashback: My dumbest post ever … with a mea culpa.

Some may disagree … arguing that I’ve made some posts that were even dumber … but, in light of last week’s DOJ-IG report, I nominate my Dec. 21, 2015 post:

My nomination for President … experience, integrity, leadership.

OK, I’m ready to declare my pick for the top spot.

It’s a long-shot, especially since he’s not a declared candidate.

But I can dream, can’t I ?

I hoping that since the current field – on both sides – doesn’t have a president-ready candidate, that this guy will ride in on a white horse … or, be dragged in …. I don’t really care.



Here’s his top line bio:

Education: William & Mary, University of Chicago Law School (doubt that he studied under Prof. Obama)

Gov’t experience: DOJ under both GOP and Dem administrations

Business experience: Worked in both the defense sector and the financial sector (not just a political hack)

Proven track record: Has been demonstrably successful in everything he has done

High Integrity: Consistently praised by both ends of the political spectrum  — not for being bi-partisan, but for being non-partisan

Apolitical: He’s clearly “in the game” for the right reasons – to serve the country and its people.

Independent: Earned enough FU-money in his real world jobs that he can’t be bought or swayed.

Orientation: “Gets it” regarding the war on terror … realistic, aggressive

Strong leadership: When the guy talks, I think he’s telling the truth and glad that he’s got a hand on the tiller (think, the polar opposite to Obama’s speech after San Bernardino.)


Pretty solid, right?

So, who’s my pick?



FBI Director James Comey


Seriously, can you think of anybody that you’d rather have leading the country for the next 8 years?

Would you rather have Comey … or Trump, Hillary, or the rest of the clunkers who are running?

Frankly, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any pundits float his name … strikes me as a pretty obvious choice.


Of course, there are a couple stumbling blocks …

First, he’s not running and probably isn’t susceptible to a draft.

Second, for the next year, I’d rather have him fighting domestic terrorists than campaigning.

Third, who’d replace him at the FBI?

Still, I ask: Is the anybody that you’d rather have as President?

Think about it …


Mea culpa:

Sorry about that …

What the hell was I thinking?



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One Response to “Flashback: My dumbest post ever … with a mea culpa.”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    Good for you to at least admit your mistake. I wish more people – particularly in the so-called main stream media and so-called politicians – would do the same. MAGA!

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