How’s your mental health?

Recent study finds that the prevalence of mental health symptoms is much higher than thought.

MindShare Partners recently issued its 2019 report on mental health in the workplace.


Specifically, MindShare  asked 1,500 working individuals if they had experienced any of the following symptoms in the year…


Note: you might want to do a quick self-test as you read through the list to see how you stack up against the survey population.


Mental Health Survey Questions:

In the past year, have you ever experienced any of the following (check all that apply, even partially):

  1. Felt very anxious, accompanied by sweating, rapid heartbeat, trembling, upset stomach, dizziness, or fainting?
  2. Felt sad, tired, numb, or lost interest or pleasure in most activities for weeks at a time?
  3. Strong fears (e.g., of heights, social events, being alone) that affected your day-to-day wellbeing?
  4. Felt limitless energy, rapidly came up with many new ideas at once, talked nonstop, moved quickly from one activity to another, needed little sleep, or believed you could do almost anything?
  5. Felt strong worry or preoccupation with your weight or body; controlled your eating through diets, fasting, binging, etc.?
  6. Nightmares or flashbacks as a result of a traumatic event? • Acted on an aggressive urge that caused harm to others or destroyed property?
  7. Felt that people secretly had something against you, or that someone or some group was secretly trying to influence your thoughts or behavior?
  8. Heard voices or saw things that no one else could hear or see?
  9. Emotional challenges associated with your sexual interests, activities, or choice of partner?
  10. Felt a persistent thought or impulse to do something over and over (e.g., washing hands, locking doors) that affected your day-to-day wellbeing?
  11. • Lost considerable sums of money or had problems with work, friends, or family as a result of gambling?


The Results

  • 60% of employees experienced one or more  significant mental heath symptoms in the past year
  • The most prevalent symptoms were high anxiety, deep sadness or preoccupation with weight or health
  • Projecting off of the past year’s results,  80% of people will experience a diagnosable mental health condition in their lifetime
  • Almost everyone everyone will either be faced with a mental health condition themselves or know someone personally who has managed one. Unsurprisingly, demand for mental

Despite the high numbers, people suffering mental health symptoms often go untreated because of the perceived stigma associated with mental health challenges and uncertainty regarding available health resources.


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