About the Dems’ groundswell for impeachment…

Reuters / IPSOS: Support for impeachment cools.

Speaker Pelosi has said repeated;y that impeachment requires public support that is broad and deep.

Her dream: Americans would be appalled by Trump’s asking the Ukrainian president to investigate 2016 election meddling and “look into” Hunter Biden’s lucrative set on a Ukrainian energy company’s board  –despite zero experience in energy and no obvious ties to the Ukraine, save for his father’s political influence.

Surely, Adam Schiff’s secret interrogations would uncover a string of “bombshells” that would doom Trump’s presidency, right?


Well, the groundswell of public support seems to be sputtering…


In the latest Reuters / IPSOS poll, support for impeachment dropped from 47% to 43%. … essentially a push against the 42% who are against impeachment.

Note that neither the latest nor the prior scores validate the oft Dem-touted “majority” of Americans in favor of impeachment.

And, note that numbers have bounced around in a very narrow band since June.

What’s really interesting about the most impeachment sentiment is how it breaks down by party registration.


Specifically, 79% of Dems think Trump should be impeached; 83% of Republican say that he shouldn’t be impeached.

OK, that’s to be expected.

But what about independents?

Well. a plurality of independents think Trump should not be impeached; ;ess than 1 in 3 independents think that he should be impeached.



So, what’s going on?

My take is that Dems – especially Schiff – have errantly cried wolf so often that their shrill calls are easily dismissed by all but long-standing Trump-haters.

And, the Ukrainian “bombshell” just doesn’t resonate with voters.

Trump’s phone call doesn’t “read through” as a treasonous act … sounds like business as usual for a president … any president.

But, any working stiff can grasp that a $50,000 monthly paycheck is a big deal … more than most of them earn in year.

And, when that paycheck goes to a lightweight ne’er-do-well whose daddy a political big-shot … they draw an easily deduced conclusion.

So ….  sorry, Nancy, no groundswell.


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