“Reduced to teaching at Georgetown” … say, what?

There was a part of Amb. Yovanovitch’s that made my jaw drop.

When the Dem counsel was prying into her firing, he was obviously trying his level best to get her to cry … “how did you feel?”; “what was the impact on your family?”; “can you describe how distraught you were?”, etc.

Boo-hoo …


In my business career, I was sold twice to new owners … and  “rationalized”, “synergized” and reassigned many times during internal regime changes.

So, I have zero sympathy when a “paying job for life” diplomat gets reassigned when a new sheriff comes to town.

But, that’s not what stopped me in my tracks …


This is …

Yovanovitch tried to punctuate her sad story by revealing how low things had gotten for her:

“I’m now assigned to a teaching position at Georgetown.”

Geez. How bad can things get?

From high powered diplomat (<= sarcasm) to a measly teaching position.

That is, a  teaching gig at a high prestige school — probably “teaching” a low enrollment discussion seminar — at State Dept. rank & pay.

Not shabby work if you can get it.

When I got an offer to teach at Georgetown after 2+ decades in corporate and consulting jobs, I considered it an opportunity to change careers and pursue a life dream.

I certainly didn’t think of it as a punishment (despite a 90% pay cut) … nor did I think that I was being relegated to to some junk heap job.

I think that Ms. Yovanovitch and her philosophical cronies need to get a dose of real life and get off their high horses.

So, there!


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3 Responses to ““Reduced to teaching at Georgetown” … say, what?”

  1. Dean Lewis Says:

    Fantastic comment KEN.

    Jack Clark (ex Mobile) suggested I follow you and he was right.

    Dean Lewis

  2. ‘Ramblings of a basement blogger’ … say,what? | The Homa Files Says:

    […] See “Reduced to teaching at Georgetown” … say, what? […]

  3. Da Cuz Says:

    Right on Cuz!!!!
    I don’t understand why politics s are treated so much better than the rest of us and there is nothing we can really do about it.
    Do the Dems even have a candidate?

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