“Reduced to teaching at Georgetown” … say, what?

There was a part of Amb. Yovanovitch’s testimony that made my jaw drop.

When the Dem counsel was prying into her firing, he was obviously trying his level best to get her to cry … “how did you feel?”; “what was the impact on your family?”; “can you describe how distraught you were?”, etc.

Boo-hoo …


In my business career, I was sold twice to new owners … and  “rationalized”, “synergized” and reassigned many times during internal regime changes.

So, I have zero sympathy when a “paying job for life” diplomat gets reassigned when a new sheriff comes to town.

But, that’s not what stopped me in my tracks …


This is …

Yovanovitch tried to punctuate her sad story by revealing how low things had gotten for her:

“I’m now assigned to a teaching position at Georgetown.”

Geez. How bad can things get?

From high powered diplomat (<= sarcasm) to a measly teaching position.

That is, a  teaching gig at a high prestige school — probably “teaching” a low enrollment discussion seminar — at State Dept. rank & pay.

Not shabby work if you can get it.

When I got an offer to teach at Georgetown after 2+ decades in corporate and consulting jobs, I considered it an opportunity to change careers and pursue a life dream.

I certainly didn’t think of it as a punishment (despite a 90% pay cut) … nor did I think that I was being relegated to to some junk heap job.

I think that Ms. Yovanovitch and her philosophical cronies need to get a dose of real life and get off their high horses.

So, there!


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3 Responses to ““Reduced to teaching at Georgetown” … say, what?”

  1. Dean Lewis Says:

    Fantastic comment KEN.

    Jack Clark (ex Mobile) suggested I follow you and he was right.

    Dean Lewis

  2. ‘Ramblings of a basement blogger’ … say,what? | The Homa Files Says:

    […] See “Reduced to teaching at Georgetown” … say, what? […]

  3. Da Cuz Says:

    Right on Cuz!!!!
    I don’t understand why politics s are treated so much better than the rest of us and there is nothing we can really do about it.
    Do the Dems even have a candidate?

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