CBS tunes out the Schiff Show … resumes regular soap operas.

And, public support for impeachment continues to erode.

Earlier this week, we posted re: the dismal viewership the Dems’ impeachment hearings are getting.

Want an unmistakable indicator?

Well, CBS became the first major network to face reality — that nobody was watching the tedious hearings — and switched back to its usual soap operas, i.e. from one soap opera to another.


More important, the Pelosi-dreamed groundswell of support for impeachment sure doesn’t seem to be materializing…


Left-leaning duo of Morning Consult & Politico released survey results yesterday.

A couple of key findings:

  • Only 33% agree with the statement: “The impeachment inquiry is important to me
  • No surprise, support for & opposition to impeachment is a dead heat: 38% strongly support; 38% strongly oppose … the rest don’t know or don’t care
  • Approval of “the way House Democrats are handling the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump?” is officially underwater: 26% strongly approve; 38% strongly disapprove … meaning that even some impeachment zealots see that the Schiff Show is a kangaroo court.
  •   60% agree that “The impeachment inquiry is more important to politicians and the media than it is to me”

Pelosi said she wouldn’t pursue impeachment without bipartisan Congressional support … and a groundswell of public support.

She wasn’t lying, was she?


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