‘Ramblings of a basement blogger’ … say, what?

OK, maybe I’m being hyper-sensitive, but…

A couple of weeks ago, we posted the sad story of Maria Yovanovitch — who Trump “re-posted” (i.e. fired) from her position as ambassador to Ukraine — and “relegated her” to a teaching gig at Georgetown (at full government rank and pay).

Sensitive-me pointed out that when I got an offer to teach at Georgetown after 2+ decades in corporate and consulting jobs, I considered it an opportunity to change careers and pursue a life dream … I didn’t think that I was being relegated to to some junk heap job.


Fast forward to yesterday…


Congressman Adam Schiff released his report on “findings” from the Pelosi-approved impeachment “inquiry”.

The WSJ’s assessment of the report cuts to the chase:

Mr. Schiff’s report mentions no specific crime and is full of too many inferences and overbroad assertions to provide a convincing impeachment case.

Right on!

Schiff’s inquisition brought a parade of witnesses who drew inferences (i.e presumptions) based on what they heard from somebody who heard something from somebody who overheard something.

There’s a saying in analytics: The plural of anecdote is not data.

Here’s a relevant variant: The plural of hearsay is not evidence.

Its tough to prove anything based on water cooler gossip … that’s why it’s not allowable in real legal proceedings.


OK, I agree with the WSJ conclusion, so why am I bent out of shape?


White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham immediately tore into the impeachment report:

“Chairman Schiff’s report reads like the ramblings of a basement blogger straining to prove something when there is evidence of nothing”

Geez, Stephanie … I agree with your conclusion but …

“Ramblings of a basement blogger”…

Wasn’t it bad enough that Yovanovitch dissed teaching at Georgetown?

Did you really have to pile on by dragging us “basement bloggers” into your critique?


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