Psych 101: The one thing that I remember…

Long ago, one of my students  observed that students  remember, at most,  one or two things from any course they take.

At the time, I would have bet the over on that one … at least for my courses!

Over time, I’ve concluded that he was more right than wrong and that I would have lost the bet.

Partial evidence: I sometimes self-test on what I remember from courses that I took long ago in college and grad school.


Fast forward to today.

One of my friend’s daughters is graduating today with an degree in psychology.

That prompted me to think back to my undergrad Psychology 101 course.

Here’s what’s stored in my long-term memory…


On paranoids

I clearly remember the prof reporting a study that was done on paranoids.

Researchers identified them and dug deep into their case histories.

Their conclusion: 83% of the paranoids did, in fact, have somebody after them.



I wonder what the prof’s teaching objectives were.

My bet: Mine wasn’t among the takeaways that he had hoped for …


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