Why do students need a physical classroom?

An interesting op-ed in yesterday’s WSJ concludes that 2020 will be “the year the dam breaks for college education in America”.


The author notes  “the rising cost and slowing returns of traditional schooling, coupled with advances in and the growing acceptance of online education

Among the specifics…


Growing acceptance of online education:

  • Educational publishers are moving away from the traditional textbook and turning to tech startups to develop more interactive education platforms.
  • College students increasingly rely on digital technology for course selection, study materials, collaborating on group projects, and submitting work.
  • Professors often use digital tools for in-class practice material, homework, testing, grading and even interactions with students, whose questions are regularly answered by email or on class-specific forums.
  • At many institutions, whole lectures are recorded and offered online for students who miss class. For some courses every lecture is recorded, and students stop showing up, preferring to watch online when convenient.
  • Students can now receive certifications and degrees online both quickly and cost-effectively.

The pay-off punch?

The author asks:: Why do students need a physical classroom at all?


If the author is right, my retirement was well timed.


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