66% want John Bolton to testify … say, what?

Dems are touting a recent Quinnipiac University National Poll  that found  66% of Americans want John Bolton to testify at the Senate’s impeachment trial.



Call me skeptical on that one.

Here’s why?


For openers (any, maybe, as the closer). I can’t believe that 66% of Americans have any idea who John Bolton is!

As a frame of reference, Pew reports that only about 1 in 3 Americans can identify Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

Bolton has twice the awareness as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

I think not.

Quinnipiac doesn’t report how many respondents had even heard of John Bolton.



P.S. If lightning strikes and you run into somebody who claims to know who Bolton is and what position he held … ask who replaced him when he was canned.  Answer

That’ll make the point.


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