Gallup: Conservatives regain plurality …

1.5 conservatives for every liberal.

Gallup just published its 2019 Survey of Political Ideology.

The WSJ  headline:

“The share of Americans who say they are liberal declined in 2019.”


That’s true, but I think it masks some of the survey’s bigger points…


Note that 37% self-identify as conservative .. that’s 1.5 times the 24% who identify as liberal.

That said, liberals’ 24% is up 7 percentage points from 1992 when only 17% self-IDed as liberal.

But, those 7 percentage points came from moderates, not conservatives.

And, the most recent survey results (liberals down 2 percentage points) may be an indication that the liberal uptrend may have ebbed.

Give thanks to Bernie and AOL…


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