Re: witnesses … maybe Maxine Waters has the right idea.

Punt the ball back to the Congress!

First, a couple of disclaimers:

  1. I’m neither a lawyer nor a Constitutional scholar.
  2. I think that Maxine Waters is a complete idiot.


That said, Waters may have inadvertently provided some air cover for the “pivotal 4 moderate GOP Senators” … permitting them to stop wringing their hands … to vote no on witnesses … and to vote for acquittal.

Here’s my rationale…


First, what’s the “Water’s Doctrine”?

Simply stated, she has stated publicly  that if Trump is acquitted, the Congress will just reload and issue new articles of impeachment.

Brilliant, Maxine.

So what should the Senate do?

Simply stated, the GOP should vote no on additional witnesses (the source of this week’s hand wringing)  … and vote to acquit based on the evidence provided by the Congress.

The underlined words are key.

Based on the evidence Congress turned over to the Senate … Trump  will be acquitted.

Everybody knows that.

If the Congressional majority really believes that more witnesses (Bolton, the Bidens, etc.) are case-breaker for them … then they should reconvene Schiff / Nadler.

Their “Impeachment Version 1.1” could start with the calling of Bolton and other witnesses.  Something they should have done in the first place.

Yeah, Trump will claim executive privilege — with a stronger hand since the issue has been thoroughly hashed out in the Senate “trial” … and Congress will have to appeal to the Courts.

That’s OK … in fact, it’s better than ok because it’s the proper process.

After the court rules, the Congress can proceed accordingly and — if they get the smoking gun that their frantically searching for — they can issue new, more specific articles of impeachment.

Note: Since impeachment is a political process, not a legal process, I don’t think that double jeopardy rules apply.  But again, I’m not a lawyer or Constitutional scholar.

Of course, that won’t happen.

They won’t find a smoking gun … and the clock will likely run out on them.

What’s the downside?

Trump is branded “an impeached president” for life (<= as declared by Pelosi) … but he can boast that he was acquitted.  Win-win.

The “do nothing” Congress can continue doing nothing except chasing its collective tails for the rest of its term … which, incidentally, I think is a good thing.

The Senate can get back to doing its “work of the people” … including, appointing more Federal judges.

Sounds like a perfect solution to me.


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