So, how many Americans can ID Ukraine on a map … and, so what?

In a previous post, we asked loyal readers: Can you find Ukraine on a map?

If you didn’t take the test then, try sticking a pin in Ukraine now. (Prior post has the answer )

Our bet at the time: The vast majority of Americans can’t find Ukraine on a map … even those in the impeachment brigade.

Well, some political scientists did a survey on the question.

Here’s what they found…


As reported by the Washington Post

Political scientists Kyle Dropp (Dartmouth College) Joshua Kertzer (Harvard University) and Thomas Zeitzoff  (Princeton University) surveyed a national sample of 2,066 Americans.

Among other questions, they asked respondents to (1) Specify what action they wanted the U.S. to take in Ukraine? and (2) Locate Ukraine on a map

They found that only one out of six Americans can find Ukraine on a map.


Each dot depicts the location where a U.S. survey respondent situated Ukraine; the dots are colored based on how far removed they are from the actual country, with the most accurate responses in red and the least accurate ones in blue.

Most respondents thought that Ukraine was located “somewhere” in Europe or Asia.

But, some jabrones put it as far away as Australia, Canada or the United States.


So what?

They also found that the less people know about where Ukraine is located on a map, the more they want the U.S. to intervene militarily.

The “misses”  saw Russia as posing to U.S. interests and thought that using force would advance U.S. national security interests.

The “hits”: not so much.



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