Bottom line: Trump was less guilty than Obama, Clinton and the Bidens.

OK, I’m willing to stipulate that Trump pressured Ukraine — by throttling some congressionally approved military aid — to get European nations to step-up with more aid (i.e. burden-sharing) … and to investigate the Bidens.

But, Schiff & Nadler weren’t able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump wanted the investigation to undercut Biden’s presidential campaign — versus legitimately investigating a corrupt act … nor were they able to demonstrate that the check-cutting delay created a security risk for either the U.S. or  Ukraine.


And, Trump’s transgressions were shown to pale in comparison to those  perpetrated by Obama, Clinton and the Bidens … all of whom skated free.

Let me explain…


Let’s start with Obama.

To appease the Russians, Obama withdrew support for the Polish missile defense system that was being developed … and ceded the strategically pivotal Crimea peninsula to the Russians by refusing to provide the Ukranians with lethal defensive munitions.

Disclaimer: My ancestry is 1/2 Polish, 1/2 Ukranian … so I take both acts of neglect a bit personally.

I was delighted that during the Schiff investigation the State Department witnesses had to admit that that Trump was providing  Ukraine more substantial military aid than Obama — mostly in the form of Javelin anti-tank missiles … and, that the delay in military aid didn’t have any material impact, e.g. no Javelins were delayed since they were previously funded under a separate program (that some of the House Managers voted AGAINST).


Then, there’s the  Steele Dossier situation … funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Though going through a couple of laundering channels, they engaged a foreign agent (Steele) to dig up dirt on Trump … by soliciting “information” from Russian sources.

Of course, we all know how that turned out.

Falsified FISA requests opened the door to spying on the Trump campaign.

Any reasonable person might conclude that was engaging foreigners to interfere with a U.S. election, right?

I loved it when House Manager Jefferies stammered through a tortured rationale that said, in essence, that all they did was “purchase some opposition research’ … no harm no foul.


And finally, the Bidens.

As I’ve argued before, if Burisima had handed Sleepy Joe a suitcase containing a million dollars to get the prosecutor fired, even Chuck Todd would have to admit it was a bribe.

My view: there is insignificant difference between a suitcase full of loot and a million dollar board seat for a family member who lacked any relevant experience or expertise … and who only attend a couple of board-related events.

The latter is just a lightly laundered bribe paid in installments rather than as a direct lump sum.

The Bidens are guilty as sin … and Trump had authority and responsibility to have their corruption investigated.

What I love is that the Biden case is so easy for everyone to understand: son gets a million bucks, dad fires prosecutor. Case closed.

Compare that to the tangled web of suspicions, inferences, and presumptions that the House witnesses provided.

When pressed, all those witnesses denied having any direct evidence of an impeachable crime.

Close that case, too.


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One Response to “Bottom line: Trump was less guilty than Obama, Clinton and the Bidens.”

  1. Jack Clark Says:

    Ken, excellent summary and analysis.

    Interesting that NYT & CNN, with all their resources, could not pull a similar conclusion.

    At some point CNN must declare the expenses of the it’s “news” operation as campaign contributions.

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