Why I’m still optimistic that we’ll get thru this coronavirus thing…

I’m not a scientist or a doctor … so, these may be famous last words, but I’m not panicky over the coronavirus.


Here’s why…


First, I buy that for 80% of the people who contract the virus, the symptoms are very mild and, for many, not even noticeable.

The most severe impacts are on old people (uh-oh) and those with other significant medical issues, e.g. heart and respiratory ailments.

That’s true about practically every bug that floats around.

Bottom line: We’re not dealing  with Aids or Ebola – diseases that were practically death sentences for all who were infected.  We’re dealing with a hyper-pesky flu.


Second, despite Chuckie Schumer’s showboating to the contrary, I’m pretty impressed by the Administration’s response.

Face it, the initial containment strategy — travel bans, airport screenings and quarantines — was crucial to slowing the initial spread of the virus.

That bought time for the US healthcare system to ready and begin deployment of a full-scale, targeted response.

Local hospitals — the core of the treatment system — are adopting best practice protocols and are gearing up with facilities, equipment and supplies; drug companies are stepping up to accelerate the development of COVID-19 therapies and vaccines; government red tape has been cut to speed deployment.

Bottom line: I did get  unnerved when I heard about the Georgetown pastor who potentially spread the virus to more than 500 parishioners and Georgetown commanding students to “return to their permanent residences”, i.e. “clear out,go home”.  That brings the problem pretty close to home.

Still,  I’m confident that the “system” will be in place to get us through it.


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