Update: This coronavirus thing is getting personal…

And, raises some interesting questions.


Welp, my next week’s trip to Spring Training has been cancelled.

So have the grandkids sports events for the weekend.

All fair in the social distancing game, I guess.

And, just heard that the grandkids schools will be closed for 2 weeks starting next Monday.

Nitpicking, the latter raises a question: if closing the schools is crucial, why wait until Monday? 

Or, since children are reportedly the least susceptible to coronavirus, why are schools closing at all?

And, here’s a bigger question…


When my wife started her very heavy chemo a couple of years ago, the doctors advised her to self-quarantine since her immune system was being severely compromised by the chemo.

Specifically, they told her to avoid grocery stores and malls … no problem since she rarely set foot in a mall and I’m usually willing & able to go grocery shopping.

And, the docs specifically warned against going to church.

It wasn’t an anti-religion religious position.  After all, these were docs working at a hospital affiliated with a Jesuit  university.  It was simple practicality.

Church services have reasonably  big crowds of folks crammed together in pews … often joining hands in solidarity chains or shaking hands in friendship … and sometimes receiving communion and sipping wine from community chalices.

Obviously, that’s a ripe environment for spreading “bugs” … harmless to most people, but potentially risky for immune-deficient church-goers.

Which raises my question of the day:

Why haven’t I heard any announcements about church services being put on hold for awhile?


Update: A couple of loyal readers have brought me up to speed. For example,  The Mormon church cancelled congregational gathering across the U.S.; the Baltimore Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church cancelled congregational gathering in all Maryland churches; and, several local churches in the BWI area have suspended services.

I stand corrected.


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3 Responses to “Update: This coronavirus thing is getting personal…”

  1. Dixie Catlett Says:

    Just hasn’t made the news among all the sports and government event cancellations, I guess. I know that on March 12th the Baltimore Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church cancelled congregational gathering in all Maryland churches for the next two weeks. The Mormon church had done likewise across the U.S. Many charitable causes are cancelling public events through or into April. Remarkable! I don’t believe this kind of action has happened in my lifetime.

  2. Margarita Muzzall Says:

    My current church, and my prior two, have canceled services indefinitely starting this weekend and moved on to streaming. All other gatherings have also been canceled.

  3. Linda Ezell Says:

    Churches in Arlington, Texas have cancelled all activities for at least two weeks.

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