Media pounds away, but majority of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling the crisis.

According to the latest 5 polls reported by RCP, a majority of Americans (53.6%) approve of Pres. Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.

Gallup’s most recent number pegs the number at 60%.


Bottom line:  the public opinion hasn’t been  substantially swayed by the grenades that CNN, MSNBC, etc., have lobbed at him.

Here are some examples…


1. The ban on travelers from China was racist, xenophobic and totally unnecessary.

The truth-telling scientists now retrospectively praise the action for temporarily fire-walling the virus.


2. Calling the virus — which started in China — a “Chinese virus” is racist and xenophobic.

Best press conference line: Is it xenophobic to refer to “Chinese food”?


3. Because of Trump’s incompetence and his refusal to accept WHO test kits, testing was delayed and promised quantities of test kits were late to market.

In the March 18 press conference, Dr. Brix stated unequivocally that the CDC was following protocols put in place by the prior administration.

“Other tests that were being used around the world  provided more false positives and false results than the ones that will be deployed in the U.S.  The delay in the distribution is the result of a flawed production process that has been remedied.”


4. Trump ‘dissolved’ the NSC’s pandemic response office resulting in a slowed recognition of the outbreak.

A holdover Obama appointee (Beth Cameron) got canned and her responsibilities shifted to Tim Morrison – the NSC’s senior director for counterproliferation and biodefense.

Even Cameron concedes that the biodefense staff unaffected.  Her “people” weren’t impacted by the cut back and “biological experts do remain in the White House and in our government.”

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One Response to “Media pounds away, but majority of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling the crisis.”

  1. Dave Lombardi Says:

    Just curious, do you approve?

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