March 25: COVID Tracker

Worldometer Daily Top Line

784 Total Deaths to Date

225 Daily New Deaths – Today
140  Daily New Deaths – Yesterday


State-by-State Data

State Deaths to Date

NY = 1/3 US Deaths
NY + WA = 1/2 US Deaths




NYC Deaths   JHU

NYC = 3/4 of NY Deaths
NYC = 1/4 US Deaths



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One Response to “March 25: COVID Tracker”

  1. Dixie Catlett Says:

    Wow! Since the extent of testing is far less than desirable, we know very little about how many are or have been infected. I agree with you that the number of new deaths related to Covid 19 is the best indicator we have of where we are in the curve of this contagion.
    At best, we are only 1 to 2 weeks into the “flattening the curve” process because initial testing/tracing/ isolating was stalled 6 weeks, so we don’t really know who, how or how many have been infected. We shelter in place to avoid those who MIGHT be infected rather than being able to isolate those who ARE infected and those who came in contact with them before diagnosis.

    Like Korea, we had a first confirmed case mid-January. But considering that the Chinese and So. Korean calendar of this disease outbreak, following at least 2 months of severe restrictions and extensive testing ever since mid-January, are only now beginning an easing, how can anyone really think the U.S. is also nearing the right time for easing quarantine/distancing restrictions?

    Our hope for easing the restrictions without spiking the death rate and overwhelming our health system lies in the promised availability and use of self-tests so we could know who is infected during those critical 7-10 contagious days BEFORE people are symptomatic. Until then, it’s a losing battle.

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