Dr. Fauci gets grilled on Hydroxychloroquine…

This is the interview that I’ve been waiting for…

There is a growing list of anecdotal evidence, field tests and doctor sentiments in favor using Hydroxychloroquine (HC) to treat coronavirus patients.

See our posts for more detail:

The plural of “anecdotes” isn’t “data” … or is it?

Hey, Dr. Fauci: Here’s a randomized control study for you…

But, the beloved Dr. Fauci says to hold off until there are closely controlled, large scale randomized tests of the drugs safety and efficacy, even though such tests would take several months at the best.

This morning he was “confronted” with the evidence and, in effect, asked to defend why he’s slow-rolling use of about the only therapeutic drug that’s currently in our coronavirus quiver.

Predictably, he trashed the studies (“not sufficiently robust’), dismissed the doctor surveys (“we don’t decide based on what doctors  feel”) and rejected current usage patterns (“doctors can do whatever they want”).

The 5-minute segment is worth viewing.

Depending on where you stand on the Hydroxychloroquine situation, you’ll either think the guy is a champ or a chump!

click to view the video


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