State-by-state COVID19 Deaths – Total and Per Capita

A reader asked “What happens when state-by-state numbers are normalized to per capita?”

So, we pulled the numbers together…


Below are the 16 states with the highest number of cumulative COVID19 deaths to date.

The right-hand column normalizes the numbers to “Deaths per Million” based on population.

Technical note: As loyal readers know, I think the oft-mentioned death rate (Deaths divided by Confirmed Cases) is very problematic.  The denominator should be Total Cases … but, that number is unknown because of the untested, asymptomatic cases.


The current total U.S. Deaths Per Million (DPM) is 22.6.

Obviously, NY is in a world of its own at 165.5 deaths per million (DPM).

The other high rankers (highlighted in red) are LA (79.7 DPM) and NJ (72.3 DPM).

The low ranking states (high cumulative deaths but low DPM) are highlighted in green: CA (7.1 DPM), FL (7.7 DPM) and PA (8.0 DPM).

My take: the standout states are CA – which was early infected but appears to have things relatively under control) and LA – which is high on the list in both total deaths-to-date and DPM.


Let’s cut the data one more way … sorting by Deaths Per Million.


Below are the 16 states with the highest number  COVID19 Deaths Per Million.

The 6 red-shaded states aren’t among the top ranking states in cumulative deaths but do rank high in Deaths Per Million.


The takeaway: These states shouldn’t be complacent because of their low cumulative death totals. 

On a population adjusted basis, they’re relatively hot zones.


Click to view all State-by-State Data sorted alphabetically, by total cumulative deaths and by deaths per million.


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