April 5: COVID-19 Tracker

Cumulative U.S. Deaths 
8,454  Worldometer
8,503   JHU

IHME Model Cumulative US Death Projection:
93,531 by August 4   



1,051 Daily New Deaths   Worldometer
See technical note below chart

IHME Model Peak DND Projection:
2,644 on April 16   


Technical note: Worldometer’s calculation of DNDs has fallen out of sync with their reporting of Total Deaths. Probably due to reporting issues on granular state data. Starting today, we are validity checking the Worldometer Total Deaths against the JHU reporting … and doing our own calculation of DNDs by comparing day-to-day Total Death numbers.

State-by-State Data

State Deaths to Date

  • NY+NJ+CT = 4,576  54% of US Total
  • Top 10 Average = 48 Deaths per Million
  • CA, FL and bottom 40 states are all
    under 10 Deaths per Million



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One Response to “April 5: COVID-19 Tracker”

  1. Jack Clark Says:

    Ken, thank you. Very interesting. Continues to reinforce Jan in my decision to remain in Jupiter, Florida. Population density and age also seem to be contributing factors.

    Wonder when the administrations business people will seize control from the medical experts and, utilizing data, start a state by state process of allowing businesses to open in an effort of trying to save the economy?



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