Let’s play “Are you ready to”

OK, relatively soon, the economy will be re-opened … though, I’m not exactly sure what that means.


Here’s the rub…

Just because some activity is allowed to open, doesn’t mean that the public will be partaking.

Based on a recent Gallup poll, the vast majority (70%) say they plan to take a “wait & see” approach to resuming activities.

That makes sense, and the poll is directionally indicative, but decisions will likely relate to specific activities.

So, let’s play “Are You Ready To”….




For example, when the economy opens, will you be ready to…

  • Take a bus or subway?
  • Ride with others in an elevator?
  • Work in an open space office?
  • Meet with colleagues at work?
  • Participate in conference room meetings?
  • Take a plane flight?
  • Take a cruise?
  • Stay in a hotel?
  • Go to a vacation resort?
  • Go to church?
  • Dine in at a restaurant?
  • Go to the gym to workout?
  • Shop at a discount or department store?
  • Attend a class with 30 other students?
  • Go to a big crowd sporting event?
  • Go to a movie or a play?
  • Get a haircut?

You get the idea…

What other activities should be on the list?

Thanks to MC for feeding this idea.

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