Dr. Birx scolds the press and millennials …

“Headlines are irresponsible … and most people don’t read the full story”.

The poor media.

For weeks, they’d been fawning over Drs. Fauci and Birx for their Trump-thumping truth-telling.

That caricature started to unravel when Birx admited that “I didn’t see this thing coming” … then Fauci laid blame for the testing “failings” on the scientists … and then, both Fauci and Birx testified that Trump listens to them and has based big decisions (e.g. the lockdown) on their data and recommendations.

That was bad, but things got even worse in weekend interviews when Tapper, et. al., tried to get Birx to throw Trump under the bus for telling American idiots to drink Clorox and Lysol.


Birx didn’t take the bait, instead responding:

Well, I think it bothers me that this is still in the news cycle.

I think I have answered that question.

I think I made it very clear in how I interpreted that …  and so has Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and everyone associated with the task force.

I think I have made it clear that this was a musing … a “dialogue” between President Trump and scientists. 

I think the president made it clear that physicians had to study this {sunlight and disinfectants].

Sources:    Axios   RCP   Politico

And, she went in for the kill …


Birx’s kill shot:

I think the media is very slicey and dicey about how they put sentences together in order to create headlines.

We have to be responsible about our headlines.

I think often the reporting may be accurate in paragraph three, four, and five, but I’m not sure how many people actually get to paragraph three, four and five.

We know, for millennials and from other studies, that some people may only read the headlines and if there’s not a graphic, they’re not going to look any further than that.

And I think the responsibility that the press has is to really ensure that the headlines reflect the science and data that is in their piece itself.

I think we’re missing the bigger and more important pieces of what we need to be doing, as an American people, to continue to protect one another. Axios

Tapper’s rebuke: “I think the source of misinformation is not the news media.” RCP

English translation: “You’re a Trump-pandering traitor to the cause”.

My, how quickly they turn on you if you dare challenge their narrative.

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