Trump to scale back press conferences … whew!

Has he been reading the HomaFiles?

Last week, we (and a zillion other observers) advised the President to dial back on his participation in the daily Task Force press conferences … and, rather, maintain his visibility by holding his own occasional “hot topic” news conferences.


Looks like he’s taking the advice.

A couple of things appear to be motivating the welcomed relief….


Here’s some of the conventional wisdom:

  1. Polls say that the public is tiring of the repetitive hostility between Trump and the political reporters.
  2. Press “jumped the shark” with coverage of “He told people to drink Clorox and Lysol” …
    see: Dr. Birx scolds the press and millennials 
  3. There’s a decreasing amount of new news to report … increasing confidence that we’re turning the corner (death tools stable or decreasing; good news from early anti-body tests).
  4. New press secretary Kayleigh McEnany hit the White House grounds running … she’s smart (G-town under grad, Harvard Law), experienced with the media, disciplined, photogenic and, oh yeah, she’s on the same page as Trump on the big issues.
  5. Interest seems to be quickly shifting back to the economy … Trump’s strong suit.  That gives him a more comfortable venue.

Bottom line: The press corps may be losing a gift that keeps on giving (the marathon press conferences) … and may need to start reporting.

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