Senate may be starting to ask the right questions re: testing.

“Why do we have to have symptoms to get tested?”

The Senate (but not the Congress) is scheduled to get back on the job this week.

Roughly half the senators are 65 or older … and, thus, officially in the coronavirus’ “vulnerable” group.

So, it’s understandable that they’re eager that all colleagues have a clean bill of health before returning to the Senate chambers.


Here’s the rub…


The Capitol’s attending physician, Dr. Brian Monahan, said that only senators who “present with” coronavirus symptoms qualify for coronavirus testing … and that “quick tests” aren’t available, so getting test results will take two to seven days. Source

Said differently:

No tests to ID the hidden carriers … the contagious asymptomatics who are infected but don’t exhibit the virus’ symptoms … and, who make up the vast majority of coronavirus infectees.

WSJ: “It’s Dangerous to Test Only the Sick”

If test kits are scarce, let’s test the right people!

Non-immediate test results … requiring “testees” to self-quarantine until the test results are available (or risk infecting others during the test-to-results period)


Soon, the senators may even recognize some of the other holes in the current testing strategy and methods:

Point-in-time diagnoses … Given the high contagiousness of the coronavirus, you can test negative today and be infected tomorrow (maybe even before your test results are returned) … an initial across-the-board testing is necessary, but not sufficient … regular, periodic testing is required “surveille” the environment.

False negatives … A couple of weeks ago, the WSJ estimated that as many as 1/3 of symptomatic people who tested negative turned out to be infected (and were put back in circulation, potentially spreading the virus) … so far, the gov’t scientists haven’t provided evidence to the contrary

WSJ Shocker: 1 in 3 infected patients gets a ’false negative’ test result.

Dr. Birx was asked about the reported “false negatives”


The above is the situation that every company is facing as it tries to ramp back up.

Welcome to our world, Senators.

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