COVID’s Impact: Geographically concentrated in only 30 US counties…

Great analysis from the researchers at the Heritage Foundation

The spread of COVID-19 has been extremely concentrated in a small number of states — and among a small number of counties within all states.

To date, 10 states accounted for nearly 75% of all deaths (but only 52% of the population).

Together, New York and New Jersey (9% of the U.S. population) alone account for 44% of total COVID-19 deaths.


And, the  COVID-19 impact is even more concentrated than the state-level data indicate…


The 30 counties (1% of US counties; 15% of U.S. population) with the most COVID-19 cases, account for 48% of all the cases in the U.S. and 55% of all deaths.

24 of the 30 counties are in the Northeast corridor between Philadelphia and Boston, the passageway served by a commuter railway system that runs through Manhattan.

Overall, only about 10% of all counties (64% of the population) contain 95% of all the COVID-19 deaths .

Conversely, half of all counties (with 10% of the U.S. population) have zero COVID-19 deaths to date.

Further, 63% of all counties (with 15% of the population) have no more than one COVID-19 death each.


Takeaway: The most impacted 1% of counties (mostly in the Northeast; representing 15% of U.S. population) have more than half of all COVID-19 deaths.

The least impacted 63% of counties (also representing 15% of U.S. population)  have no more than one COVID-19 death each.

In other words, Pareto is alive, well and on steroids in COVID-19 America.

Source: Heritage Foundation – Daily Signal


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