More re: Super-spreader events, venues and activities.

Avoid them to improve your odds of staying COVID-free (and alive) 

A consensus seems to be emerging among researchers that the bulk of coronavirus infections happen in “clusters” and can be traced to a small number of “super-spreading” people, events, venues and activities.

The obvious conclusion: avoid them to minimize the chance that you get infected.

In a prior post we explained why super-spreader people are so difficult to identify … and offered 2 principles: (1) Consider everybody that you run into as being a GUPI (Guilty Until Proven Innocent), and (2) avoid high risk activities and places where GUPIs hang out.


Let’s get practical on those principles…


The good news: “The bulk of infections can be traced to a small number of “super-spreading events and places”. Source

The Japanese Health Ministry coined these high-risk situations the “three Cs”:

  • Closed spaces
  • Crowded places
  • Close-contact settings

The usual suspects: arenas, bars, theaters, gyms, mass transit, nursing homes, meat-packing plants


Texas Medical Association doctors ranked common activities based on their COVID risk.

The riskiest places & activities are displayed above.

The safest places & activities:



The entire list is worth browsing:


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