Have Covid cases peaked?

Let’s drill down on some numbers today…

For the past 2 or 3 weeks, the number of new cases reported each day seems to have peaked … maybe plateaued, maybe turned the corner and is starting to decline.



Over the same time period, the daily death rate has trended up from its previous trough … or, as the MSM media likes to say “in recent weeks, the daily death rate has catastrophically doubled from 500 per day to over 1,000 per day”.



Putting those numbers into context, the daily case counts have more than doubled since the prior peak in mid-April … while daily deaths have hovered around 50% of their mid-April level.


In numbers: New cases were running at about 30,000 per day in mid-April … and there were over 2,000 new deaths each day … a ratio of deaths to cases of about 6.7%.

During the recent spike, cases have been running at about 60,000 per day … and  new deaths each day have been averaging about 1,000  … a ratio of deaths to cases of about 1.7%.

That’s a 75% drop in the deaths to cases rate.


Keep a watchful eye on the daily death rate …

One Response to “Have Covid cases peaked?”

  1. Da Cuz Says:

    First great reporting and great analysis.
    I believe the Covid death rate is skewed.
    I believe the normal death rate is 1500 per day across the USA. During flu season add another 250 per day and mostly from pneumonia.
    This seems to be higher but ???

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