Survey: Trusted medical experts.

Coincidently, I received 2 related emails this morning.

The first was a Georgetown broadcast email to faculty (even retired ones) and students:


Reasonable advice from Dr. Anthony “Wide Left” Fauci:

“Trust respected medical authorities”.

Hard to disagree with Fauci on that one.

But, begs the question: Who are the medical authorities to be trusted?


A second message came from a reliable HomaFiles’ source.

He reported that a survey was conducted asking people: “Which  medical authority do you trust most?”

And, there was a clear-cut winner…..



The Bee offered this interpretation of the results:

While Dr. Fauci has made some questionable claims over the past few months, Dr. Pepper hasn’t made any erroneous predictions about the virus or recommendations when it comes to masks and other protective measures.

So Dr. Pepper has rocketed up the charts as the most-trusted medical professional in America.

My view: If you can’t trust The Bee, who can you trust?

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