About Cuomo’s “beautiful” response to the coronavirus…

Hardly a model of “flattening the curve”

Talk about Chutzpah…

NY has amassed over 30,000 covid-related deaths (about 20% of the US total) … and, almost 1,700 deaths per million residents (2nd only to NJ’s 1,800; almost quadruple Florida’s 455).


Cuomo was bold enough to commemorate New York’s death toll (chart above) on an anatomically accurate “Victory Poster” (image below). Note the shape of the deaths’ curve.

Today, I want to make a very simple (and irrefutable point)….


Cuomo did not flatten the curve! Period!

Below is the oft-cited “Flattening the Curve” graphic:


Rather, NY’s actual experience is a classic “unflattening” of the curve (represented by curve high-peaked “A” above).


Of course, that didn’t stop Cuomo in his Dem convention cameo — from praising his own savvy leadership and calling the results “beautiful”.

Hidin’ Joe Biden tweeted a follow-up attaboy:


Say, what?


Cuomo has even written a soon-to-be-released book extolling his leadership savvy and covid success.



Critiquing the book, one pundit may have cynically hit the nail on the head:



Glance back at the above curves and ask yourself which is a better summary:

“A beautiful flattening” … or “Rampaging through a population”?

“The science” would suggest the latter.

More on that in future posts

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