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What do New York and Sweden have in common?

August 20, 2020

Hint: Glance at the covid-19 death curves.

Let’s reprise the oft-cited “Flattening the Curve” concept one more time…


…. and, we presented data that strongly suggests (i.e. proves) that NY didn’t flatten the curve at all — it conformed to the “no mitigation curve” … while press-maligned Florida does seem to fit the flattening curve model.

For details, see A covid tale of two states


Now, let’s look at NY’s Cuomo-claimed “beautiful response” from still another angle


About Cuomo’s “beautiful” response to the coronavirus…

August 19, 2020

Hardly a model of “flattening the curve”

Talk about Chutzpah…

NY has amassed over 30,000 covid-related deaths (about 20% of the US total) … and, almost 1,700 deaths per million residents (2nd only to NJ’s 1,800; almost quadruple Florida’s 455).


Cuomo was bold enough to commemorate New York’s death toll (chart above) on an anatomically accurate “Victory Poster” (image below). Note the shape of the deaths’ curve.

Today, I want to make a very simple (and irrefutable point)….


WSJ: “NY’s Coronavirus Response Made the Pandemic Worse”

June 12, 2020

We’ve been on this case for awhile.

Today’s WSJ  laid out the case that:

New York leaders’ coronavirus response was marred by missed warning signs and policies that put residents at greater risk and led to unnecessary deaths.

The virus has hit New York harder than any other state, cutting through its densely populated urban neighborhoods and devastating the economy.

New York state’s death toll accounts for 27% of American deaths.


Here are the WSJ’s supporting conclusions…


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