Trump’s tailwind in 3 charts.

I get bewildered when I hear the Dem presidential candidates whine about how bad things are going and how bad off Americans are.

I guess that they need to keep harping on the theme — and stimulating some despair —  because Americans seem to think they’re doing ok.

Who says?

According to Gallup, “Satisfaction With Personal Life” is at an all time high 90% … up from 78% during the Obama years.



And, things get even better….


In 1980, Ronald Reagan asked voters “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”

Expect to hear that refrain repeated often this year.

Gallup … also reports that 61% of Americans think that they’re better off now than 3 years ago when Obama reluctantly passed the torch to Trump.

For perspective, note that as Obama was winding up his first 4 years, a majority of the country felt that they were doing worse than they were when Obama got inaugurated.



And, what’s driving that “better off” reassurance?

Of course, it’s the booming economy.

While Obamaites claim that Trump inherited an economy from Obama that was hitting on all cylinders.  So, give credit where credit is due, right?

Well, according to Gallup, almost 2/3’s of Americans (62%) give Trump credit for turbo-boosting the economy.

And, a near majority (48%) say that Obama deserves little or no credit for the economic boom.


Those all called tailwinds, my friends.


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