How Biden & Klobuchar could both become president.

Simple: Biden should pre-announce he’s a 1-termer and name Amy as his running mate … and she should gracefully bow out of the 2020 presidential race and run as Joe’s VP.

I hate to give the Dems useful advice, but…

Imagine a Joe Biden that is old but not cognitively challenged … and is nice and well-intended, not influenced by Ukrainian bribes laundered through his ne’er-do-well son.

Or, at least imagine that Biden’s above shortcomings could be sufficiently minimized or obscured so that voters revert to “It’s just Joe being Joe” and give him a pass.

If that were the case, the Dems dream ticket might be Biden-Klobuchar.


Here’s my logic…


First, I applaud the momentum that Klobuchar has developed … and think that she’s developing a reputation as, perhaps,  the only adult in the Democratic room.

But, I don’t think she’ll get the Dem nomination.  There are too many crosswinds and she doesn’t have the organization in place to knock off Sanders.

That said, she’d make a great VP candidate and might be able to drag Sleepy Joe across the finish line.


So, think: Trump-Pence versus Biden-Klobuchar.

Long shot, but maybe Biden-Klobuchar prevail. After all, Biden has the minorities in his hip pocket and Amy would run strong in the rust belt, right?

Biden becomes a figurehead CEO and Klobuchar runs the government as COO … think: Bush – Cheney.

That scenario positions Amy for a run in 2024 … with certifiable experience and an incumbent-type advantage.  Maybe that would be enough to give the Dems 12 years in the White House.


More likely outcome: Trump wins.

Still a pretty good situation for Klobuchar.

She’d have a stage to really establish herself as a political household name … and Biden would get tagged with the loss.

Said differently, her time would come in 2024 to try to grab the brass ring.


I’m surprised that TV pundits haven’t jumped on this idea.  They haven’t, so remember where you heard it first.


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