Running mates?

During this week’s Dem debate, my mind wandered to wondering about possible running mate choices.

I’m already on record projecting that Klobuchar would be a natural running mate for Biden if he rises from the ashes and snags the nomination.

Apparently, Amy is on that mind track, too.

Anybody notice how many times she said that she’s the one candidate that has sway in the swing Midwest states?


What if Sanders gets the nod? Who will he select?


My guess: a Sanders – Warren ticket.


The conventional wisdom is that there’s deep animosity between Sanders and Warren — after all, they’re both passionate candidates who are contending for the same pool of voters.

During the debate, Warren took some hard shots at Sanders.

That would suggest that she has no interest in a 2nd billing slot.

On the other hand …

Warren also preached a higher purpose: “The Progressive Cause” … and she made several claims that she’s a doer who can get things done at the nuts & bolts level.


Bernie has the passion and the following … think: CEO.

Warren claims the operational expertise to get policies implemented … think: COO

They sing from the same hymn book … and, Warren has been burnishing the attack-dog skills that are usually reserved for VP candidates.

And, since Bernie is old as dirt, she’d be well-positioned to follow Bernie into the top job.

We’ll see …


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